Q:Is one on one Coaching for you?

A: It is if you are...

  • At the beginning of your journey and want plenty of individualized attention as you embark on your new venture
  • At any stage of life, or your business, and have tried to figure it out by yourself but haven't been able to reach your goals (or even identify them)
  • Willing to try new ways of doing things and understand that personal growth and reaching your dreams do not happen overnight
  • Committed to reaching your goals sooner - rather than never - and want to gain the skills and strategy to make it happen
  • Inspired by a challenge and take full responsibility for your actions; you're looking for a mentor, not a savior
  • Ready to let go of struggling and feel more flow in your business and life. Hard work? Yes. Suffering? Nope.

Q: Do you only work with those trying to start businesses?

A: No, I work with all people who are looking to improve their leadership skills and/or are working to reach their goals they have set out for themselves. Many times this might mean those looking to be promoted, or start their own business, but I work with people who have goals with their mindset, confidence, health, relationships and more. ‚Äč

Q: There are a lot of coaches, what makes you THE ONE for me?

A: If we are being truthful (and we are!) I may not be everyone's cup of tea, and that is OK! You have to connect with the coach you choose, that is why we have a 1-hour complementary Discovery Call to make sure we are a good fit for each other. If I don't feel like we are a good fit, I will happily refer you to someone who you might connect with more. My goal is to have YOU be successful.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: You will get what you put into the coaching sessions. If you only show up during your scheduled session and do nothing else, you may not see a lot of progress. If you SHOW UP, put in the work and TRUST in the process, you will move forward! You can expect that we will talk about the tough stuff, we will identify patterns of behavior that have been holding you back, we will create a plan for you to overcome, but ULTIMATLY to make the change is up to you.

Q: Is this expensive? How do I know it will be worth it?

A: If you've read this far, you understand the real value of coaching! It shows that YOU want to make a bigger impact in the world and in your life. It means you have experienced the overwhelm, frustration, barriers and YOU NEED a change. To truly make a change, you must first make the COMMITMENT! This means making a commitment to yourself to SHOW UP and do the work! By making a financial comment, it is your way of affirming that you are ready to be ALL IN! That you are ready to commit to the time and energy it takes to make the shift in your life that you have always wanted! Making a financial commitment shows that you are willing to meet me halfway and dive in and take action. YOU must be the one to decide if you are worth the time, energy and financial commitment!

If you're ready to start gaining clarity and building the confidence you need to finally bust through your plateaus,

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