I get it....​

  • ​I was overwhelmed with work and family
  • I felt like I always was doing for everyone else
  • I wondered what happened to the dreams and goals I had years ago
  • Why did I say YES to everything, and then resent it later
  • I made excuses for not making progress that I really didn't believe
  • I was exhausted at the end of the day, but had no idea why
  • I would get frustrated, or even a tad jealous, seeing others living out their passions?

Do you think about your goals and feel....

There's NO TIME for reaching your dreams. You have a 9-5 job that's more like a 7-8 job, raising a family, going to school, caring for loved ones and so much more.

  • SO EXHAUSTED just thinking about setting and obtaining the goals you only dream about, once your head finally hits the pillow (but you can't sleep).
  • FRUSTRATED because you know people who are living their dreams and not just talking about them.
  • A little bit (ok maybe a lot) of DOUBT seeping in - are you really qualified, ready to take a risk, confident enough, bold enough, smart enough to really accomplish what you want.
  • FEAR about trying and failing... or worse... trying and succeeding!

Let me be the first to tell you...

It's not your fault if you have been setting the same goals month over month and year over year and never really reaching them.

It's not your fault if you have been feeling too overwhelmed to even know where to begin.

It's not your fault that you are doubting your hopes and dreams and maybe even sabotaging yourself just a little bit.

See, when you were brought into this world no one TOLD you, let alone SHOWED you, how valuable goal setting can be! Going through school you had English, Math and Science.... But, did you ever have a goal-setting class? I know I didn't.

Then, all of a sudden, you are in the real world and people are asking about these things called goals. We suddenly realize what they are talking about is actually our hopes and dreams for the future! When asked about our own goals, we often rattle off what we THINK they should be and not what OUR TRUE GOALS and passion really are, because... well... we don't know any better.

I know those feelings all too well!

I have gone from...

Setting the same goals year over year and NEVER MAKING PROGRESS
REACHING MILESTONES each week and celebrating my successes

Setting myself up for SUCCESS

​Being SO OVERWHELMED, I couldn't even start
Being SO MOTIVATED I couldn't help but not be on a roll

Setting goals I THOUGHT I should be setting
Setting the goals I KNEW I should be setting

Don't get me wrong this didn't happen overnight... or even in 12 weeks... but over the last 9 years I have been hyper-focused on setting myself up for success, feeling motivated and excited to be living the life I have! I have invested in my own personal and professional self-development with personal coaches, master classes, professional courses and have used my 20+ years of experience in leadership, coaching, training and development, and mindfulness to create my signature DREAMS TO REALITY course that will bring you from not knowing where to start, to having a 20/20 clear vision on where you are headed and HOW to get there!

Using the techniques and methodology that I have embedded into the

Dreams to Reality Master Course, I have helped entrepreneurs, finance and healthcare professionals, aspiring artists and those focused on their family and relationship goals to wake up everyday less exhausted and more motivated and focused then ever to reach their goals.

So, what if I told you...

You will be less exhausted, have more clarity and be more motivated so that you can get closer to achieving your personal and professional goals. Will gain self-confidence and leave behind your self-doubt in order to accomplish things you only dreamt about. You will learn things about your authentic self that will surprise you, fill you with joy and allow you to live life as the true YOU!

I have a proven success to get you closer to your personal and professional goals. You will work toward shifting the way you think about your values, your actions and your goals, so they are in alignment and are not in conflict with each other. You will not only gain me as your guide you will gain a whole community of people moving toward the same shift!

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Connect With Your Innermost Values and Shift Your Mindset!

  • Dig deep to discover what really drives and motivates you
  • Learn how to shift your inner self talk to inspire you to want more

Change your language in a way that will Attract what you desire

Connect With Your Innermost Values and Shift Your Mindset!

  • Dig deep to discover what really drives and motivates you
  • Learn how to shift your inner self talk to inspire you to want more
  • Change your language in a way that will Attract what you desire

Get Clear on Your Desires!

  • Define your hopes and dreams and turn them into actionable goals
  • Connect your daily actions to your innermost values to move you forward
  • Create action steps that work for YOUR life

Push Forward and Make a Commitment to Yourself!

Dig deeper into your goals and create a strategy that works for you
Build your self-confidence to get outside your comfort zone and take big action
Learn to say "No" without guilt

Embracing yourself and Avoiding Burnout

  • Learning the difference between burnout and stress
  • Allowing yourself to practice self-care without conditions
  • Releasing what no longer serves you

Discover What is Stopping You!

  • Identify the difference between procrastination vs. excuses
  • Learn to take action and prioritize what matters most
  • Practice focus techniques that will bring you into alignment
  • Show up and Commit to yourself

Show Up! Overcome! Push Further!

  • Reconnect with yourself and learn what accountability means to you
  • Discover what your biggest motivation and shift to a motivation mindset
  • Overcome self-sabotage and self-doubt to make your dreams a reality

What's included in your tuition?

6 Modules (Valued at $1200)
Each module will have 3-5 bite sized training videos to watch at your own pace
6 Group Coaching Sessions (Valued at $1500)
A live group coaching session with each module
Printable Workbooks with each Module (Valued at $300)
Your workbook will guide you through exercises to build your confidence, gain clarity and dig into your authentic self!
Each workbook will also have a bonus activity to connect you to the group and push you further outside of your comfort zone
Bonus Guest Trainings (Valued at $800)
Past topics have included; limiting beliefs, taking risks, following your intuition, following the moon cycles and timeline therapy

Exclusive Facebook Group
Connect with me and the other amazing woman, daily!
Share and receive feedback from others going on the same journey!
Build a lifetime tribe of support

Total Value = $3800

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