About me:

About me:

I am an energetic leadership coach cultivating confident leaders who are able to engage, communicate and lead teams with success. Creating loyal, exciting and effective cultures that leaders/employees WANT to work in. Knowing that emerging leaders often don't have the resources or time invested in them to lead them to success quickly, I have dedicated years to being that resource! I am able to allow companies to promote top talent to leadership positions and tend to the day to day while I provide the training and support for the emerging leaders to feel and BE successful! I provide classes at all staff levels to help businesses invest in each employee's growth and development creating engaged and loyal employees and in turn engaged and loyal customers.

✅ Training Workshops (in person and virtual)
✅ One-on-one Leadership Coaching
✅ 5-Month Leadership Course for Emerging leaders
✅ Ongoing Membership for busy professionals to find harmony and create positive habits in multiple areas of life
What I am known for:
✅ Leadership Development
✅ Building Relationships
✅ Effective Communication
✅ Goal Achieving
✅ Time Management

I have a degree in psychology, certification in Meditation teaching, Breathwork facilitation, Reiki Master, Mindfulness, and more as I am always learning and growing.

Client Testimonials:
✨"Working with Danielle was a blast. She kept me on my toes and really catered my experience to my strengths and
weaknesses. I love how she made me think outside my comfort zone and asked me to step outside that zone and try new
things. All while, respecting my boundaries, I was up-front with the results I wanted without compromising my truth and
she was very accommodating to that. I think anyone who works with Danielle is in great hands and I know you will grow
like I did!"✨

✨"I have always had strong time management skills . . . "I just need to sharpen my skills so I can accomplish more in a
day". . . that's what I thought. From our first session together, Danielle helped me to clarify my thoughts and identify what
I needed. She provided me specific actionable tips and strategies for building positive habits and setting priorities.
Throughout our sessions she was inspiring and truly as excited as I was with my "wins." Intuitive. Caring. Inspiring. I highly
recommend Danielle as a coach - I would definitely work with her again!"✨

✨"I honestly doubted I would ever feel comfortable having difficult conversations at work. Danielle helped me gain the
confidence to have difficult conversations successfully and without losing a night of sleep. Her communication and
coaching skills are excellent."✨


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